Computer network support and computer consulting continue to be important services to our customers. Throughout the years we have provided reliable and timely technical computer information and services to our clients. We have and continue to assist them in defining computer specifications and standards, purchasing, design and implementation of their office computer systems, support for users and on site service for equipment and maintenance.

Services we are able to provide include:

Custom Software Development

Steinhardt & Company can custom design software to meet your business needs. In the most basic scenario a program is designed to run on a local (single) machine. It can be arranged that the program be created on a server so that the program can be used across a local network in your office. It can be taken a step farther and the program can be used across an extended network such as the Internet.

Network Planning & Installation

When your business is first setting up, moving, or growing Steinhardt & Company can assist you in identifying your organizational needs, hardware needs, and office networking needs. An office setup begins with discussion, planning, a sketch of your office’s proposed layout, and the running of power/communication wires. We will also setup your computers in a standardized format. On your computers a “library” directory will be setup as the centralized location for data, the protection of information will be addressed, an anti-virus program will be implemented and a method to backup your data will be established.

Network Support and Maintenance

Steinhardt & Company offers long-term, contract free computer support. In the course of continuing network support, we will update anti-virus software, upgrade hardware, check backups and complete overall computer maintenance.

Identification of Hardware Needs

Steinhardt & Company can evaluate the needs of your company/organization and work with you to identify what up-to-date technology is necessary for your office/business to be competitive.

Work Flow & Needs Analysis

We offer our clients a forum to discuss and identify functions that need to be performed. We attempt to assist you in simplifying and streamlining your business.

Telecommuting Services

We give you the ability to access a computer from a remote location. With this service you are able to effectively work from home or an alternative location outside your office.

Daily Backups

In case of disaster, you need to have a copy of all of your business data both on-site and off-site. Let us backup your data on one of our servers. The command to copy your data can be programmed to automatically occur on a daily basis. You no longer have to spend the money on hardware or battle forgetfulness. Backup to one of our servers, automatically.