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Specialty Plates

Specialty Plates offered through
My Plates is a Texas-based company that was awarded a contract by TxDMV to design, market and sell new Specialty license plates in the State of Texas.

My Plates has created a whole new range of plate designs including new Texas themes and colors.

A portion of each plate purchased goes into the state general fund which provides services for all Texans.

My Plates is offering three categories of plates:

  • Background: Choose one of 105 background designs available. A random letter/number combination will be generated for you.

  • Personalized: Choose one of 112 background designs plus the LUXURY to create a message of up to six letters/numbers.

  • 7-Letter Personalized: Choose one of 32 background designs available plus the FREEDOM to create a message of seven letters/numbers.

Plate prices range from $50 to $495 and price depends on the plate category, the number of characters offered for personalization and whether the plate is purchased for use for one, three or five years.